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Estate Planning QuickView v. 2007.00, Retirement Plan Analyzer v. 2007.00, and Estate Planning Tools v. 2007.00, Kugler Estate Analyzer v. 2008.00, and PFP Notebook v. 2008.00 are the first programs by Brentmark Software to include the State Death Tax Manager.  This feature handles state death tax calculations (estate taxes and inheritance taxes) for all 50 states and D.C.  The State Death Tax Manager allows users to download the latest state death tax calcs so that they will always have current state death calculations. 

The State Death Tax Manager is also included in the following non-Brentmark programs:  Steve Leimberg's Estate Planning QuickView v. 2007.00, Steve Leimberg's Retirement Plan Analyzer v. 2007.00, and NumberCruncher v. 2007.00.

Data Files

State Death Tax Manager users:
If your State Death Tax Manager cannot access data files on the internet because your firewall prevents it, you can download the latest data file here.  After downloading the file to your computer, you should select Import Latest Data from the File menu of the State Death Tax Manager to open the file named statedeathtax.sdx which will be on your computer where you placed it. 

Note:  To download, you should right click on the following link and select Save Target As.  Be sure to note where the downloaded file is being saved.

Click here to download the 2/19/15 State Death Tax Manager data file

State Death Tax Manager data file changes:
2/19/15:  Indiana inheritance tax removed for 2013 and later.
1/28/15:  Delaware, Hawaii, and Washington changes made.
8/28/14:  Rhode Island 2015 changes made.
7/23/14:  Rhode Island 2015 exclusion changed to $1.5 million.
5/9/14:  Adjustments made to Hawaii and Maryland for 2014.
5/6/14:  Adjustments made to New York estate tax.
4/22/14:  New York, Maryland, and Minnesota updated.
2/19/14:  Rhode Island:  removed unneeded RI2 state file.
2/11/14:  Rhode Island and Washington updated for 2014.
10/21/13:  Delaware updated for 2014, North Carolina for 2013, and Hawaii for 2012 and 2013.
1/25/13:  Delaware updated for 2013.
1/11/13:  District of Columbia and Rhode Island updated for 2013.
8/8/12:  Tennessee was updated for 2012 to 2016.
7/26/12:  Indiana was updated for 2012 to 2022 and Delaware was updated for 2011 and 2012.
1/11/12:  District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois and Rhode Island updated for 2012 changes.
11/3/11:  Oregon updated for 2012 changes and North Carolina 2010 calcs changed to not decoupled.
7/6/11:  New Maine rates effective 1/1/2013 and Ohio estate tax repeal effective 1/1/2013.
6/22/11:  Connecticut updated for new legislation effective 1/1/2011 and to reflect that the Marital QTIP is handled differently than the Federal.
2/10/11:  Illinois and Rhode Island updated.
11/1/10:  Connecticut was updated to change the highest bracket from 16% to 12% starting in 2010.
9/13/10:  Oklahoma was changed so that there are no inheritance taxes for any recipient classes as of 1/1/2010.
4/20/10:  The Oklahoma exemptions were updated as follows:
Beginning January 1, 2007, the total inheritance tax exemption is $1,000,000 for both lineal (class 1) and collateral (class 2) heirs.
Beginning January 1, 2008, and before January 1 2009, the exemption is $2,000,000 for both lineal and collateral heirs.
Beginning January 1, 2010, the exemption is $3,000,000 for both lineal and collateral heirs.
11/6/09:  Rhode Island increased its exemption to $850,000 effective 1/1/2010.  Delaware imposed a decoupled estate tax effective 7/1/2009.
6/22/09:  Vermont was changed so that the Federal exemption used for state purposes properly mirrors the Federal exemption for calculations prior to 1/1/09.
6/19/09:  Vermont changed to add new maximum exemption of $2 million effective 1/1/09.
10/24/08:  Iowa changed to handle circular tax calc.  Iowa calc requires new State Death Tax Manager v. 1.90 from an installed program such as Estate Planning QuickView v. 2009.00 or program released after 11/18/08..
5/21/08:  Massachusetts marital QTIP changed to reflect that the state handles it differently than the Federal.  Minnesota marital QTIP changed to match the federal rule.  Added ability to handle Rhode Islandís rule that the Taxable Gifts arenít included in the Federal Estate Tax Limitation (with future program updates also required to handle the RI change).
12/18/07:  The Connecticut highest bracket was changed from $10,000,000 to $10,100,000.
9/17/07:  The Oregon death tax updated to reflect the override of the federal exemption.
8/22/07:  State Death Tax Manager support added to Estate Planning Tools and NumberCruncher.  LA repealed inheritance tax effective 1/1/08.  Removed credit for OH, already handled within brackets.
7/19/07:  State Death Tax Manager support added to Steve Leimberg's Retirement Plan Analyzer.
7/18/07:  DC maximum exemption changed to $1,000,000.  State Death Tax Manager support added to Brentmark's Retirement Plan Analyzer.
6/18/07:  Pennsylvania corrections made for spousal interest in nonmarital trust exemption, retirement benefits exclusion.
6/15/07:  Nebraska inheritance tax rate changes made effective 1/1/2008, North Carolina corrections made for how the Federal Exemption is handled.
5/23/07:  Nebraska 1/1/2007 estate tax repeal added.
4/14/07:  Original State Death Tax Manager file made available.

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